GRASA Information

The stated aim of GRASA is to further at all times the best interest of Grass Track racing.

Important Notice.
To Claim from the Injured riders fund you must be a fully paid up member of Grasa, you must be Injured at a grass track meeting in this country or abroad.You need to be able to supply a photo copy of your Doctors certificate. Payment is £100 a week for up to 4 weeks (depending on your Doctors certificate) Payment on death of a member rider is to his next of kin and is £500. Youth riders receive a third of the adult payment as they pay £7.50 membership.
All money for the Injured Riders Fund is raised by sales from the Grasa Stall and Tombola and Donations usually in memory of a relative or friend.

GRASA originally started as a mouthpiece for sidecar drivers against the ACU when the ACU were considering a complete ban of superchargers on 1000cc sidecar engines From this humble beginning GRASA has evolved to become a Nation wide club catering for all Grass track enthusiasts, whether spectators, marshals, organisers or competitors.

Over the years GRASA has been involved in many activities, these include representing riders in disputes, assisting clubs, and the annual presentation of the Rider of the year awards etc…. .

Probably the most important thing GRASA is involved in is the INJURED RIDERS FUND Through the INJURED RIDERS FUND they offer members financial assistance when they are injured whilst riding at Grass Track meetings in this country and abroad, whilst not a massive sum a cheque from the fund can help in the first few weeks of injury. The Injured Riders Fund is funded by sales from the GRASA stall, tombola's, donations etc, all helpers do so on a voluntary basis.

Rates for 2017 are as follows....

week 1 £100
week 2 £200
week 3 £300
week 4 £400
Please note figures are totals of payments, not weekly payment.

Youth Riders will receive 1/3 of the advertised rate as their membership is (approx) 1/3 of cost of adult member All claims MUST be accompanied by a valid Doctors certificate . We will continue to give discretional payments in cases of hardship.

Grasa is NOT an Insurance, the Injured RidersFund was set up to assist member riders in the first few weeks of injury whilst they wait for their own Insurance to pay out. It only pays out for 4 weeks maximum. All Riders should make sure they have their own insurance in place before they put a wheel on the track.

At present any member rider injured at GRASSTRACK meeting in this country or abroad can make a claim from the Injured Riders Fund.
Phone Di on 02392-644061 for a claim form, or pick one up from the GRASA stall. We will require a copy of a valid Doctors certificate to cover the injury and will pay out for up to four weeks. (Not bad for £7 per year!).

Our Committee for 2015 are as follows....

President: Charlie Pattison.
Chairman: Ray Cross.
Vice Chairman: Tony Cook .
Secretary: Di Wain.
Treasurer: Joan Godden.
ACU Rep: Dick Sullivan.
Area Rep: Sylvie Pattison.